February 17, 2010

February 14, 2010


i was born when the crescent starts to shape its own form.

the blue and the bright space

the sky is a glamorous festival
yet the blue and the bright space
is too pity.
'cause the the world night parade
still hide at the east shyly...

a man among the madness

sometime people need to peek through a tiny hole,
to know things around them...

February 11, 2010

the forgotten hero

hero is just a normal person...


we need to use more than one perspective
to see beyond the image or shape

the space which lies between

to understand the space which lies between
object and its reflection
is a long process
and it needs a effort
to do..

asrul dwi at tumblr

somebody put my work at tumblr
i found it by googling

February 4, 2010

a piece of the full view

you can see the full view through a piece or a glance look
in a split second

February 3, 2010


is a simple and spontaneous
just a day before i left my 23 years old day
close means to end previous year, leave the bad and learn from it
and open means let everything comes to me,
with a brand new perspective and vision....