March 31, 2010

this short of a delusion

i can't tell you how i feel about my feeling right now,
it's just this short of a delusion drive me
upon my consciousness.

the children playground of a young men

no one knows when the night is coming
the playground seems sore,
and its light is phony tale.

March 23, 2010

a dream like scene

a dreamlike scene
there a bucket of flower, dry branches and a knife
lie above my bed
Which one should I choose to end this dream

midnight daydream

if i could fall asleep last night
i will be able to run away from my midnight daydream

March 21, 2010

the sun drowned

stay for awhile this afternoon
'till the sun drowned into
the bottom of our coffee cup
or until the cigarette smoke left by...

March 19, 2010

...and its reflection

when the rain stopped,
i start to falling this sadness
through tears
and when rain started
i begin to limn this happiness
through a simple smile

should i turn around

i can't run away from it
i can't even just walk slowly move on
or should i turn around to the beginning ?

sing me a lullaby

even the bad dream couldn't come to sleep...

March 13, 2010

a baby born

when it comes to life,
a baby born is one of the chapter we use to know
but times have its own double side
the good and the bad
and the past, present, and future
will always the same...
there's no a perfect time in this such a messy world

March 8, 2010

make your dream

girls, don't let the rain drops on your flushed cheeks
it's the time to make your dream
and going away from your sadness

daily night

a pain is a beautiful feeling
a beautiful feeling is a pain

there's no einstein

i've learned about gravitation
i've read about how an insane person can be the greatest scientist
and i'm doubtfully believe about human evolution
because i missed the missing link page

March 2, 2010

March 1, 2010

why we can't stay a while

it feels heaven when i decided not to be my self a while,
but it sucks to be trapped in a phony skin.
and yeah,
it's a carnival where everybody bless to be clown

i'm already there with you

no need an existence,
i'm fully around without my presence,
do you feel me?