July 24, 2008

Across The universe

is there anybody going to listen to my story
all about the girl who came to stay?
she's the kind of girl you want so much
it makes you sorry
still you don't regret a single day
oh girl! girl! girl!

A young man in a black coat is sitting at the seashore, he face the horizon for a while, and after that he look back and start to sing that piece of song above. It is Jude

The story starts in the early 1960s with (Jim Sturgess), a young Liverpool shipbuilder and artist, who traveled by ship and track down his biological father in the United Stated of America. Then, he met a rebellion with wealthy family background, Max (Joe Anderson) and his Sister, Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). After a hectic thanksgiving dinner, Max made a decision to drop out from college and ask Jude to go with him to New York. Later on, they share an apartment with Sadie (Dana Fuchs), their landlady and aspiring singer, Jojo (Martin Luther McCoy), a fiery guitarist –shortly he become Sadie’s band lead guitar and boyfriend -, and Prudence (T.V. Carpio), a self-involved lesbian who literally comes in through the bathroom window.

After her boyfriend is killed in the Vietnam War, the grieving Lucy, come to New York and live with Jude, Max and the other. As Expected, the romance developed by Jude and Lucy. Meanwhile, Max has to face the truth that he drafted to the war. Sadie’s sign a contract with a label and start a solo career, and it’s lead Sadie and Jojo into break up, apparently, Jojo doesn’t feel happy because Sadie change one bit. Moreover, Prudence who secretly falls in love to Sadie, and it makes her depressed. These back up story completed the whole structure and go deeper each second of the movie.

When Max is drafted and sent to Vietnam War, Lucy gets involved in a radical anti-war movement. He is unhappy with the amount of time she spends with the political group, and suspecting that its leader, Paco (Logan Marshall-Green), is a Don Juan. Jude's art and his relationship with Lucy both start to falter. The differences between Jude and Lucy rise up. Jude comes into the offices of the political group where Lucy works and gets kicked out after punching Paco. This leads to a fight between them, resulting in Lucy leaving Jude.

When Jude comes home, he fined that Lucy is gone. Furthermore, Jude finds Lucy at an anti-war demonstration, which many protesters, including her, are arrested. In attempting to help her, Jude is also arrested. Jude is deported back to England, because he came to U.S without Visa. Then, Max is wounded in Vietnam and is sent back, while Lucy still involved in her anti-war movement that is becoming more and more violent and finally leaves the group when she discovers Paco and some of his followers making bombs. Jude reads about the explosion in a Liverpool newspaper and is concerned that Lucy has died. Subsequently, he arranges to return to the States legally. Max picks him up and drives him to Sadie's Beatles-style rooftop concert. Lucy is supposed to be there but no one can find her. Meanwhile, he group is forced to leave when the police arrive, but Jude manages to stay on the roof and begins to sing, "All you need is Love", shortly Jude see Lucy standing on the roof across the street. They smile at one another with tears in their eyes, and the screen fades out to white clouds and blue sky.

I love the way of the story is created, it is simple and the songs is well arranged, the beautifully captured scene, which some of it is surreal, and skillfully acting from the cast. These is drove me into its depth. I consider this movie as one of the best musical film, which triggers me to be more and more creative, especially, the scene when Jude had a fight with Lucy and start to make his work back grounded by “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Moreover, This film lead me into a lesson about how you have to find your self and manage its process, just like in this story which start with alcohol, drugs, dopes, irresponsible act and free sex into a better way of life. In the end, I just want to add that to ignore your problems instead of faced and fix it, only leads you into disaster.

* Additional information: Don’t you know that on February 4, 2008, NASA aired The Beatles’s Across the Universe to the space. This is to celebrate the 40th year of the song was recorded. (From www.acrosstheuniverseday.com)

Batman The Dark Night

Yesterday is an “accidental” holyday for us who live in East Java, it’s because we have to vote for the election of the new governor. But, I didn’t do it, because I’m so skeptical about their programs and commitments. Then, I decided to go to the cinema to watch Batman The Dark Night.

Heat Ledger’s acting in this movie took my attention, as a psycho Joker, he’s voice and body language came so natural and he immersed in the character. And it makes Jack Nicholson’s joker just like an ordinary funny clown and accidentally became a villain. Ledger’s joker more sadistic, a cold-blooded, knife happy psycho, only too ready to give his victims a 'smile'. To me, he’s character became the main structure of the whole story. At the end it’ll make everything so clear that, the movie shouts about or create a place where the good and evil which expected to do battle. Joker create a plot to turn the Gotham’s “real” Hero, Harvey Dent, in to a two-faces psycho. Dent villain act drove by his grief and revenge, because the death of Rachel. He completely drawn in to Joker’s game. Which is his main purpose by doing so many crimes.

Above of all I love this movie, it took a superhero movie into a new step. Even though, it’s dark and full of creepy things, this movie lies between art and industry. It entertains me in a different way than the other super hero film.

p.s : this in my favorite dialogue, "I don't want to kill you," Joker tells Batman. "You complete me".