July 24, 2008

Batman The Dark Night

Yesterday is an “accidental” holyday for us who live in East Java, it’s because we have to vote for the election of the new governor. But, I didn’t do it, because I’m so skeptical about their programs and commitments. Then, I decided to go to the cinema to watch Batman The Dark Night.

Heat Ledger’s acting in this movie took my attention, as a psycho Joker, he’s voice and body language came so natural and he immersed in the character. And it makes Jack Nicholson’s joker just like an ordinary funny clown and accidentally became a villain. Ledger’s joker more sadistic, a cold-blooded, knife happy psycho, only too ready to give his victims a 'smile'. To me, he’s character became the main structure of the whole story. At the end it’ll make everything so clear that, the movie shouts about or create a place where the good and evil which expected to do battle. Joker create a plot to turn the Gotham’s “real” Hero, Harvey Dent, in to a two-faces psycho. Dent villain act drove by his grief and revenge, because the death of Rachel. He completely drawn in to Joker’s game. Which is his main purpose by doing so many crimes.

Above of all I love this movie, it took a superhero movie into a new step. Even though, it’s dark and full of creepy things, this movie lies between art and industry. It entertains me in a different way than the other super hero film.

p.s : this in my favorite dialogue, "I don't want to kill you," Joker tells Batman. "You complete me".

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