July 26, 2008

short note for this day

i woke up this morning with pretty awkward feeling, i toke two glasses of water as usual and drink it. somehow, i felt like, these few days, I've been living in a hectic time or period. maybe, i can say that it's one of my lowest point of my life.

Then, I turned on my TV, DVD and start to watch "In to The Wild", it was my second time thou'. I was fascinating with this film when watch it for the first time. and for this time, i felt really engage with the story, it's true awakening for me to realize about my journey in this boring life.

I knew that sometime we to do what we need to do instead do what we want to do, it's been such a simple thing but to start this quest we need to know our self first.

I googled to find his bio's and i got this in wikipediea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_McCandless , open and read it 'cause it's worth to read, mate!. well, i will post my review about this film soon.

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